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    Comments: When I first met Dr. Mrozeck back in 2018, I knew right away he was the one to perform surgery on my right ankle. Three months later after meeting him I had ankle surgery and I was under the anesthesia when he opened my ankle and inserted the camera to see what was going on Inside, he saw so much damaged that he took the liberty to repair everything. I had tear long and short tendons ligament, bone spurs, other tissues damaged, nerves etc. etc. overall, I had 5 procedures in one. I was so pleased with Dr. Mroczek’s job that I had recommended a couple of people and they are pleased with him. It already a year after I have surgery and I’m already back to normal. I met with other surgeons before I met with Dr. Mroczek’s and the first time I met him my instincts told me he was the one. I’m so grateful to Dr. Mroczek’s repairing my right ankle and be back to normal because I couldn’t walk before surgery. I highly recommended him to some of my friends and they are very pleased and as well with Dr. Mroczek’s job.