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    Comments: Wow is how I start my visit today. I just left my pre-op soon to be last appt with Dr Kenneth Mroczek. And I can tell you from my first ever visit to today it’s been nothing more than a class act. I could not walk a year ago, I had pain 24/7 in my right ankle and foot. I slept 2-3 hours a night with throbbing pain. And Today 3 months and 1 week out I am pain free. I sleep, I walk, and my quality of

    Life has returned. Dr Kenneth Mroczek talks to

    Me like family, a man that cares and wants the best results for his patients. After surgery I was concerned with all the scaring on foot and ankle from surgery and today I couldn’t tell you where they are. I asked him today if he had a plastic surgeon sew me up and he said modestly, No, I did. NYU doctors are the best. And if my insurance ever changes for Something else I’d still have NYU doctors here in NYC. Thank you so much for all that you have done and gave me back the freedom in life to be pain free from this once very debilitating disease, degenerated arthritis. And I hope others have the

    Same blessings I did in finding Dr Kenneth Mroczek. You have G-d’s hands.