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    Comments: Dr. Mroczek operated on my foot when other doctors would not because of a previous unsuccessful surgery by another doctor. He explained all options, all possible outcomes, good and bad and I felt thoroughly informed enough to decide to have the operation with him. The operation was performed 2 weeks later. At subsequent follow up appointments I felt as though he gave me his undivided, unrushed attention. He understood my needs athletically, and personally and took all of that into account. I am now in physical therapy and the operation was successful. I have never had to wait a long time in his waiting room to see him and his staff is courteous and professional and when I needed to change an appointment, accommodating. I would highly recommend him as a surgeon. His reputation for being an outstanding ankle and foot surgeon preceded my seeing him and he has more than lived up to his reputation and then some. I am confident that I will have a full recovery and this is only due to his expertise as a surgeon.